Small cooling or a sauning book needed?

Fläming-Therme Luckenwalde
, indoor swimming pool with slides and sauna, Info: 03371-400 20,

Kristall Sauna Therme Ludwigsfelde, indoor/outdoor swimming pool with sauna and wellness, Info: 03378-51 87 90,

Tropical Islands, indoor/outdoor tropical swimming area with sauna and sports facilities, highway A 13, Krausnick, Info: 035477-60 50 50,

Spreewald Therme indoor swimming pool with wellness and sauna, in Burg, Info: 035603-188 50

Spreewelten Lübbenau, indoor swimming pool with real penguins, Info: 03542 8941-60

Beach Klausdorf, outdoor swimming lake with slides, boat rental, Info: 033703-73 65

Freibad Wahlsdorf, outdoor swimming pool

Freibad Dahme, outdoor swimming pool, Info: 035451-202

Freibad Jüterbog, outdoor swimming pool, Info: 03372-40 49 34

Naherholungsgebiet Körbaer Teich

Freibad Oehna, outdoor swimming pool, Info: 033742-603 67